Question: Match the concept in List 1 with the definition or

Match the concept in List 1 with the definition or description in List 2. One description in List 2 can be answered with two matches from List 1. Therefore, you should have two letters left over from List 1.
List 1— Concept
A. Business process (i. e., manual) control
B. Preventive control
C. Detective control
D. Corrective control
E. Control environment
F. Input accuracy
G. Update completeness
H. Update accuracy
List 2— Definitions/ Descriptions
_____ 1. Computer operators verify dates and serial numbers of master data stores to ensure that the proper version is used.
_____ 2. Count inventory items every year to ensure that inventory records are accurate.
_____ 3. A clerk reviews customer orders to ensure that they have been prepared properly.
_____ 4. Visitors must be approved by a security guard before entering a building.
_____ 5. A code of conduct must be read and signed by all new employees.

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