Question: Match the following terms and definitions a dynamic password b

Match the following terms and definitions.
a. dynamic password
b. token device (TD)
c. single sign-on (SSO)
d. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
e. input controls
f. output controls
g. grandfather-father-son method
h. reciprocal agreement
i. internal sites
j. hot sites
k. warm sites
l. cold sites
m. substitution key
n. transposition key
o. product key
p. symmetric cryptography (1-key method)
q. asymmetric cryptography (2-key method)
r. digital envelope(3-keymethod)
s. public key
t. private key

___1. A commercial disaster recovery service that provides a fully operational site within a few hours
___2. A hardware device that contains a password generator protocol
___3. A commercial disaster recovery service that provides a partially configured site that is operational within a few days
___4. A commercial disaster recovery service that provides a site with air conditioning, wiring, and plumbing but no IT equipment
___5. A backup technique that keeps multiple backups
___6. Backup services shared between two organizations
___7. Controls that ensure reports and messages reach intended recipients
___8. In asymmetric cryptography, the key used to decode the message
___9. Backup services distributed among an organization’s multiple locations
___ 10. Systems used to prevent access control attacks
___ 11. A software that permits the user to use one user name and password to log in to various systems
___ 12. A cryptography key that substitutes one letter for another letter
___ 13. A cryptography key that scrambles the data
___ 14. A cryptography key that uses a combination of substitution and transposition keys
___ 15. Controls that ensure that data is valid and entered correctly
___ 16. Cryptography that uses one key to encode and a second key to decode
___ 17. A password used once and then changed
___ 18. Cryptography that uses both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography
___ 19. Cryptography that uses the same key to encode and decode
___ 20. In asymmetric cryptography, the key used to encode the message

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