Match the following terms and definitions a eXtensible Business Reporting
Match the following terms and definitions.

a. eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
b. metadata
c. XBRL integrated tagging
d. XBRL bolt-on tagging
e. taxonomy
f. elements
g. schema
h. XBRL linkbases
i. instance document

__1. Defines elements related to a particular taxonomy
__2. Used to identify data and metadata
__3. A document that contains specific amounts for a taxonomy at one instance
__4. Similar to a dictionary that defines XBRL tags for specific data items
__5. Digital financial reporting that electronically tags financial information
__6. Adds data tags after reports are created
__7. Adds data tags during information processing
__8. Data about data
__9. Defines relationships between data

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