Question: Match the following terms and definitions a risk b event

Match the following terms and definitions.
a. risk
b. event identification
c. likelihood
d. impact
e. possibility
f. probability
g. user log
h. change log

___ 1. The likelihood of an event occurring using qualitative measures, such as high, medium, or low
___ 2. The possibility that an event will occur and negatively impact the entity’s ability to achieve its stated objectives
___ 3. The likelihood of an event occurring using quantitative measures, such as percentages
___ 4. A document that records changes
___ 5. The possibility or probability that a potential event will occur
___ 6. A document that records user access
___ 7. The process of determining events that effect an enterprise’s ability to attain its objectives
___ 8. The effect that an event will have on the enterprise’s ability to achieve its objectives if the event occurs

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