Question: Match the following terms and definitions a triple bottom line

Match the following terms and definitions.
a. triple bottom line
b. sustainability
c. sustainability accounting
d. green IT
e. e-cycling
f. sustainability Integrated Decision analysis (IDa) model
g. global reporting initiative (GRI)

__ 1. Involves collecting, storing, organizing, and reporting economic, social, and environmental information for making decisions and evaluating performance
__ 2. Most widely used framework for sustainability performance reporting
__ 3. The ability to sustain an action in the future on an ongoing basis
__4. A framework for considering both qualitative and quantitative economic, social, and environmental factors
__ 5. Measures an organization’s performance in terms of economic, social, and environmental results
__ 6. Recycling of electronic equipment such as computers and monitors
__ 7. Environmentally friendly information technology equipment

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