Question: Match the following terms and definitions a viruses b Trojan

Match the following terms and definitions.

a. viruses
b. Trojan horse
c. worms
d. logic bombs
e. bots
f. spam

___ 1. Malicious software that executes when a specified event occurs, such as logging into a bank account
___ 2. Malware sent by email that can be a virus, Trojan horse, worms, logic bombs, or bots
___ 3. Malware disguised as a legitimate program
___ 4. Tiny pieces of programming code that install them- selves on an infected computer called a Zombie and transmit data back to the hackers’ computers without awareness of the Zombie computer user
___ 5. Relatively small programs that infect other application software by attaching to it and disturbing application functioning
___ 6. Similar to viruses except they do not need a host application to function or reproduce

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