Question: Match the following terms to their definitions a Inventory turnover b Return

Match the following terms to their definitions:
a. Inventory turnover
b. Return on sales
c. Quick ratio
d. Dividend yield
e. Return on assets
f. Accounts receivable turnover
g. Benchmarking
h. Debt ratio
...... 1. Tells whether a company can pay all its current liabilities if they become due immediately
...... 2. Measures a company’s success in using assets to earn income
...... 3. The practice of comparing a company with other companies that are leaders
...... 4. Indicates how rapidly inventory is sold
...... 5. Shows the proportion of a company’s assets that is financed with debt
...... 6. Tells the percentage of a share’s market value that the company returns to shareholders annually as dividends
...... 7. A measure of profitability
...... 8. Measures a company’s ability to collect cash from credit customers

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