Match the following terms with the appropriate description A Authorized
Match the following terms with the appropriate description.
A. Authorized shares
B. Common stock
C. Preemptive right
D. Preferred stock
E. Stock split
F. Stock dividend
G. Dividends in arrears
H. Outstanding shares
I. Treasury stock
J. Par value
K. Reverse stock split
L. Date of record
________ 1. When a corporation buys its own shares in the secondary market.
________ 2. Minimum price a share of stock can be sold for in the initial issue market.
________ 3. Basic unit of ownership in a corporation.
________ 4. Stock that gets paid dividends first but typically does not have the right to vote.
________ 5. Last chance to buy stock and still get the dividend.
________ 6. Maximum number of shares a corporation can sell.
________ 7. Number of shares issued that are not held by the corporation.
________ 8. When a corporation fails to pay cumulative preferred dividends.
________ 9. Changes the par value of the stock to a higher value.
________ 10. Assures common shareholders they can maintain their percentage of ownership when new shares are issued.
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