Question: Match the following terms with the correct definition 1 Share

Match the following terms with the correct definition.
_____ 1. Share capital plus Retained Earnings.
_____ 2. Capital from investments by the shareholders.
_____ 3. Capital earned through profitable operation of the business.
_____ 4. The basic form of capital shares.
_____ 5. Shares in the hands of shareholders.
_____ 6. Distributions by a corporation to its shareholders.
_____ 7. Shares that give their owners certain advantages over common shareholders, such as the right to receive dividends before the common shareholders.
_____ 8. The portion of shareholders’ equity maintained for the protection of creditors.
_____ 9. A corporation’s own shares that it reacquires.
a. Common shares
b. Share capital
c. Dividends
d. Legal capital
e. Outstanding shares
f. Preferred shares
g. Retained earnings
h. Treasury shares
i. Shareholders’ equity

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