Question: Match the following terms with the correct definition a Convertible

Match the following terms with the correct definition.
a. Convertible bonds
b. Premium on bond
c. Callable bonds
d. Debentures
e. Term bonds
f. Serial bonds
g. Discount on bond
h. Stated interest rate
i. Market interest rate
_____1. Bonds that all mature at the same time.
_____2. Interest rate investors are expecting to receive for similar bonds of equal risk.
_____3. Unsecured bonds backed only by the good faith of the borrower.
_____4. Amount of a bond’s issue price over its maturity value.
_____5. Bonds that may be converted into the common stock of the issuing company at the option of the investor.
_____6. Amount of a bond’s maturity value over itsissue price.
_____7. Interest rate that determines the amountof cash interest the borrower pays and the investor receives.
_____8. Bonds in the same bond issuance that matureat different times.
_____9. Bonds that the issuer may call or pay off at a specified price before maturity.

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