Match the items in the following right column with those
Match the items in the following right column with those in the left column:
1. An act of Congress that gives a department and/ or agency authority to obligate the federal government to make disbursements for goods and services
____2. Document sent to the Treasury ordering it to pay vendors and employees
____3. Sets standards for federal government accounting
____ 4. Type of fund used to account for commercial- type operations of federal agencies
____ 5. Action by which the OMB distributes amounts appropriated by Congress
____ 6. Payments of obligations
____ 7. Reserves budgetary authority from an allotment in anticipation of an obligation
____ 8. Federal equivalent of encumbrances used by state and local governmental units
____ 9. Type of fund that finances Social Security payments
a. Outlays
b. Obligation
c. Disbursement schedule
e. Appropriation
f. Revolving Fund
g. Apportionment
i. Allotment
j. Trust Fund
k. Deferral
l. Commitment

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