Match the terms in the left column with the appropriate
Match the terms in the left column with the appropriate definition from the right column.

Column A
1. Payroll service bureau
2. Payroll clearing account
b. Used to record the activities performed by a salaried professional for various clients.
3. Earnings statement
4. Payroll register
5. Time card
6. Time sheet

Column B
a. A list of each employee’s gross pay, payroll deductions, and net pay in a multicolumn format.
c. Used to record time worked by an hourly-wage employee.
d. An organization that processes payroll and provides other HRM services.
e. An organization that processes payroll.
f. A list of all the deductions for each employee.
g. A document given to each employee that shows gross pay, net pay, and itemizes all deductions both for the current pay period and for the year-to-date.
h. Special general ledger account used for payroll processing.

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