Match the terms on the left with the descriptions on the right. A description may be used once or not at all.

1. Proprietary funds
2. Modified accrual method
3. Estimated revenues
4. Appropriations
5. Encumbrances
6. Expenditures
7. Budgetary fund balance-unassigned
8. Consumption method for supplies inventories
9. Nonlapsing encumbrances
10. Interfund services provided or used
11. Governmental funds
12. Interfund transfers
13. Fiduciary funds
14. Funds
15. Government-wide financials
16. Accrual method

Descriptions of Terms
A. Trust and agency funds.
B. Fiscal and accounting entities of a government.
C. Basis of accounting used by proprietary funds.
D. Example of this transaction when the general fund uses the services of an internal service fund.
E. Expenditures for inventories representing the amount of inventories consumed during the period.
F . General, special revenue, debt service, capital projects funds, and permanent funds.
G. Legal authority to make expenditures.
H. Budgeted resource inflows.
I. Revenues recognized when they are both measurable and available to finance expenditures made during the current period.
J. Internal service and enterprise funds.
K. Expenditures for inventories representing the amount of inventories acquired during the current period.
L. Reports governmental unit's infrastructure assets.
M. Recorded when the general fund orders goods and services.
N. Appropriation authority that carries over to the next fiscal year for these orders.
O. Appropriation authority that does not carry over to the next fiscal year for these orders.
P . Type of transaction that occurs when the general fund makes a cash transfer to establish an internal service fund.
Q. Account debited in the general fund when an invoice for computer equipment is received.
R. Account that would indicate a budget surplus or deficit in the general fund.

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