Match the terms that follow with the appropriate definitions 1
Match the terms that follow with the appropriate definitions.
1. Accounting
2. Profitability
3. Liquidity
4. Financing activities
5. Investing activities
6. Operating activities
7. Financial accounting
8. Managerial accounting
9. Ethics
10. Fraudulent financial reporting
a. The process of producing accounting information for the internal use of a company’s management
b. Having enough cash available to pay debts when they are due
c. Activities of management engaged to obtain adequate funds for beginning and continuing to operate a business
d. The process of generating and communicating accounting information in the form of financial statements to decision makers outside the organization
e. Activities of management engaged to spend capital in ways that are productive and will help a business achieve its objectives
f. The ability to earn enough income to attract and hold investment capital
g. An information system that measures, processes, and communicates financial information about an identifiable economic entity
h. The intentional preparation of misleading financial statements
i. Activities of management engaged to operate the business
j. A code of conduct that addresses whether actions are right or wrong

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