Matching Players in the Accounting Communication Process with Their Definitions Match each player with the related definition by entering the appropriate letter in the space provided.
_____ (1) Financial analyst
_____ (2) Creditor
_____ (3) Independent auditor
_____ (4) Private investor
_____ (5) CSA
_____ (6) Information service
_____ (7) Institutional investor
_____ (8) CEO and CFO
A. Financial institution or supplier that lends money to the company.
B. Chief executive officer and chief financial officer, who have primary responsibility for the information presented in financial statements.
C. Manager of pension, mutual, and endowment funds who invests on behalf of others.
D. Canadian Securities Administrators, which harmonizes securities regulations in the Canadian capital markets.
E. Company that gathers, combines, and transmits (paper and electronic) financial and related information from various sources.
F. Adviser who analyzes financial and other economic information to make forecasts and stock recommendations.
G. Individual who purchases shares in companies.
H. Independent CPA who examines financial statements and attests to their fairness.

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