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  • Maximize the total output f = x1 + x2 + x3 (production figures of three different production processes subject to input constraints (limitation of machinetime)

  • Maximize z = 300x1 + 500x2 subject to 2x1 + 8x2 < 60, 2x1 + x2 < 30, 4x1 + 4x2 < 60.

  • Minimum cost Hard brick, Inc, has two kilns, Kiln I can produce 3000 grey bricks, 2000 red bricks, and 300 glazed bricks daily. For Kiln II the corresponding figures are 2000, 5000 and 1500. Daily operating costs of Kilns I and II are $400 and $ 600, respectively. Find the number of days of operation of each kiln so that the operation cos

  • Morton Financial must decide on the percentage of available funds to commit to each of two investments, referred to as A and B, over the next four periods. The following table shows the amount of new funds available for each of the four periods, as well as the cash expenditure required for each investment (negative values) or the cash inc

  • National Insurance Associates carries an investment portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other investment alternatives. Currently $200,000 of funds are available and must be considered for new investment opportunities. The four stock options National is considering and the relevant financial data are as follows:The risk measure indicates the

  • Nutrition Foods A and B have 600 and 500 calories, contain 15g and 30g of protein, and cost $1.80and $2.10 per unit, respectively, Find the minimum cost diet of at least 3900 calories containing at least 150g of protein.

  • Par, Inc., is a small manufacturer of golf equipment and supplies. Par’s distributor believes a market exists for both a medium-priced golf bag, referred to as a standard model, and a high-priced golf bag, referred to as a deluxe model. The distributor is so confident of the market that, if Par can make the bags at a competitive price,

  • PharmaPlus operates a chain of 30 pharmacies. The pharmacies are staffed by licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The company currently employs 85 full-time equivalent pharmacists (combination of full time and part time) and 175 full-time equivalent technicians. Each spring management reviews current staffing levels and makes hir

  • Phoenix Computer manufactures and sells personal computers directly to customers. Orders are accepted by phone and through the company’s Web site. Phoenix will be introducing several new laptop models over the next few months, and management recognizes a need to develop technical support personnel to specialize in the new laptop systems

  • Photo Chemicals produces two types of photographic developing fluids. Both products cost Photo Chemicals $1 per gallon to produce. Based on an analysis of current inventory levels and outstanding orders for the next month, Photo Chemicals’ management specified that at least 30 gallons of product 1 and at least 20 gallons of product 2 mu