Question: Mattville s general fund had several interfund activities during the fiscal

Mattville’s general fund had several interfund activities during the fiscal year ended June 30, 20X9 (see the left-hand column of the following table). The right-hand column lists the types of interfund activities that occur in state and local governmental accounting. For each general fund transaction/transfer, select a letter from the list on the right that best describes the interfund activity.

General Fund Transactions and Transfers
1. Received bills from an internal service fund for using city-owned vehicles.
2. Transferred cash to start an enterprise fund that does not have to return the cash to the general fund.
3. Received cash from a discontinued special revenue fund.
4. Transferred cash to a capital projects fund to help construct a building.
5. Transferred cash to a debt service fund to pay interest and principal of general long-term debt.
6. Transferred cash to the pension trust fund representing the employer's contribution the pension of general fund employees.
7. Transferred resources to an enterprise fund that is not expected to repay these resources with interest.
8. Transferred cash to a special revenue fund that incurred and paid expenditures on behalf of the general fund.
9. Received from an internal service fund cash that represented repayment of an advance made during the previous year.
10. Received bills from an enterprise fund for using public parking facilities.

Type of Interfund Transactions and Transfers
A. Interfund loan
B. Interfund service provided and used
C. Interfund transfer
D. Interfund reimbursement

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