Mazy’s Department Store has decided to stay open for business on a 24-hour basis. The store manager has divided the 24-hour day into six 4-hour periods and has determined the following minimum personnel requirements for each period:
Time ........ Personnel Needed
Midnight–4:00 A.M. ...... 90
4:00–8:00 A.M. ....... 215
8:00 A.M.–Noon ...... 250
Noon–4:00 P.M. ...... 65
4:00–8:00 P.M. ...... 300
8:00 P.M.–Midnight ..... 125
Store personnel must report to work at the beginning of one of these time periods and must work for 8 consecutive hours. The store manager wants to know the minimum number of employees to assign to each 4-hour segment to minimize the total number of employees. Formulate and solve this problem.

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