Medicare s new medical plans offer a wide range of variations
Medicare’s new medical plans offer a wide range of variations and choices for seniors when picking a drug plan (San Luis Obispo Tribune, November 25, 2005). The monthly cost for a stand-alone drug plan can vary from a low of $1.87 in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa to a high of $104.89. Which of the following can be determined from the data? If it can be determined, calculate the requested value. If it cannot be determined, explain why not.
a. the median premium cost in Colorado
b. the number of plan choices in Virginia
c. the state(s) with the largest difference in cost between plans
d. the state(s) with the choice with the highest premium cost
e. the state for which the minimum premium cost is greatest
f. the mean of the minimum cost of all states beginning with the letter “M”
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