Methane CH4 gas flows into a combustion chamber at a
Methane (CH4) gas flows into a combustion chamber at a rate of 200. L/ min at 1.50 atm and ambient temperature. Air is added to the chamber at 1.00 atm and the same temperature, and the gases are ignited.
a. To ensure complete combustion of CH4 to CO2(g) and H2O(g), three times as much oxygen as is necessary is reacted. Assuming air is 21 mole percent O2 and 79 mole percent N2, calculate the flow rate of air necessary to deliver the required amount of oxygen.
b. Under the conditions in part a, combustion of methane was not complete as a mixture of CO2(g) and CO(g) was produced. It was determined that 95.0% of the carbon in the exhaust gas was present in the CO2. The remainder was present as carbon in the CO. Calculate the composition of the exhaust gas in terms of mole fractions of CO, CO2, O2, N2, and H2O. Assume CH4 is completely reacted and N2 is unreacted.
c. Assuming a total pressure of the exhaust gas of 1.00 atm, calculate the partial pressures of the gases in part b.
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