Question: Metropolitan Power and Light MPL tracks peak power usage measured

Metropolitan Power and Light (MPL) tracks peak power usage, measured in gigawatts (GW), for its service area. MPL reports that in January peak daily demand for electrical power follows a normal distribution, with a mean of 4.3 GW and a standard deviation of .8 GW.
For a randomly selected January day:
a. There is a 30% probability that peak demand for electrical power will exceed_____ GW.
b. There is a 45% probability that peak demand will be between 4.0 GW. and _____ GW.
c. Suppose MPL wants to build a power generation capacity that will handle all but the very highest peak demands in January. Specifically, it wants to increase its capacity so that there is only a 1% probability that peak demand will exceed the new capacity. The company should build a generating capacity to meet a peak demand of _____ GW.

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