Question: Michael and Nora Hoth married divorced remarried divorced again then

Michael and Nora Hoth married, divorced, remarried, divorced again, then cohabited from 1998 to 2008 without further remarriage. In 2006, Michael bought a house and five acres with his own money. Without discussion with Nora, Michael put both of their names on the deed "in case something happened" to him. Thereafter, Nora, Michael, and Michael's mother lived on the property. Michael paid the real estate taxes and other bills. Nora and Michael ended their relationship in 2008. Nora moved out and sued to partition the property, claiming half ownership. The evidence indicated that Michael put Nora's name on the deed to give her the property only when and if she survived him, so that his mother and children would be provided for. Was Nora an owner of the property?

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