Question: Microcomp is a U S based manufacturer of personal computers It is

Microcomp is a U.S.-based manufacturer of personal computers. It is planning to build a new manufacturing and distribution facility in either South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, or Mexico. It will take approximately 5 years to build the necessary infrastructure (roads, etc.), construct the new facility, and put it into operation. The eventual cost of the facility will differ between countries and will even vary within countries depending on the financial, labor, and political climate, including monetary exchange rates. The company has estimated the facility cost (in $1,000,000s) in each country under three different future economic and political climates, as follows:

Determine the best decision, using the following decision criteria.
a. Minimin
b. Minimax
c. Hurwicz (α = .4)
d. Equallikelihood
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