Microsoft offers free licenses of certain software products to students at colleges and universities that participate in its DreamSpark program. If your college or university participates in this program, you have the opportunity to obtain hundreds of dollars of software for free. Here is a partial list of the software you can obtain:
• Microsoft Access 2013
• One Note 2013
• Expression Studio 4
• Windows Server
• Microsoft Project 2013
• Visual Studio Developer
• SQL Server 2012
• Visio 2013
a.,, or determine the function of each of these software products.
b. Which of these software products are operating systems and which are application programs?
c. Which of these programs are DBMS products (the subject of the next chapter)?
d. Which of these programs should you download and install tonight?
e. Either (1) download and install the programs in your answer to part ‘d’, or (2) explain why you would not choose to do so.
f. Does DreamSpark provide an unfair advantage to Microsoft? Why or why not?

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