MicroSort’s XSORT gender-selection technique is designed to increase the likelihood that a baby will be a girl. In updated results (as of this writing) of the XSORT gender-selection technique, 945 births consisted of 879 baby girls and 66 baby boys (based on data from the Genetics & IVF Institute). In analyzing these results, assume that the XSORT method has no effect so that boys and girls are equally likely.
a. Find the probability of getting exactly 879 girls in 945 births.
b. Find the probability of getting 879 or more girls in 945 births. If boys and girls are equally likely, is 879 girls in 945 births unusually high?
c. Which probability is relevant for trying to determine whether the XSORT method is effective: the result from part (a) or the result from part (b)?
d. Based on the results, does it appear that the XSORT method is effective? Why or why not?

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