Question: Mike is a restaurant owner and has read about the

Mike is a restaurant owner and has read about the effect that music can have on the amount of time that customers stay at their tables for dinner. To test this effect, Mike made arrangements to play slow paced music at his establishment on a busy Saturday night and recorded the time that customers at the randomly selected tables spent in the restaurant during five months of the year. Mike did the same on subsequent Saturday nights with fast paced music and no music. The following data show the amount of the time, in minutes, for the observed tables. These data can also be found in the Excel file music. xlsx.
a. Test to determine if a difference exists between the different types of music using a one way ANOVA with α = 0.05.
b. If the results in part a indicate that there is no difference between types of music, what additional steps should be taken to test the difference in means for each category of music?
c. If warranted, determine which pairs of music categories are different using α = 0.05.
d. Verify your results with Excel.

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