Millie Company produces a product that passes through an assembly process and a finishing process. All manufacturing costs are added uniformly for both processes. The following information was obtained for the assembly department for June:
a. WIP, June 1, had 24,000 units (60 percent completed) and the following costs:
Direct materials ......... $ 186,256
Direct labor ............ 64,864
Overhead applied ........ 34,400
b. During June, 70,000 units were completed and transferred to the finishing department, and the following costs were added to production:
Direct materials ........ $ 267,880
Direct labor .......... 253,000
Overhead applied ........ 117,600
c. On June 30, there were 10,000 partially completed units in process. These units were 70 percent complete.

Prepare a production report for the assembly department for June using the weighted average method of costing. The report should disclose the physical flow of units, equivalent units, and unit costs and should track the disposition of manufacturing costs.

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