Milton Electronics has just received a large shipment of rechargeable batteries that the company uses in its mobile devices. In the past, 4% of the batteries in these shipments have had voltage leaks. You plan to take a random sample of 200 of the batteries and test each battery selected to determine the proportion (p) of batteries in the sample that have voltage leaks. Assume that 4% of the batteries in the current shipment have leaks (that is, assume that .04).
a. Show the distribution of possible sample proportion values here. Describe the shape, center, and standard deviation of this distribution.
b. What % of the sample proportions in this distribution are between .035 and .045?
c. What is the likelihood that the proportion in the sample will be greater than .07?
d. How likely is it that the proportion in your sample will be within1.96 standard deviations (that is, + 1.96 σβ) of the overall shipment proportion?

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