Question: Mimi had 40 000 in federal income taxes withheld in

Mimi had $ 40,000 in federal income taxes withheld in 2013. Because of a sizable amount of itemized deductions, she figured that she had no further tax to pay for the year. For this reason and because of personal problems, and without securing an extension, she did not file her 2013 return until July 1, 2014. Actually, the return showed a refund of $ 2,400, which Mimi ultimately received. On May 10, 2017, Mimi filed a $ 16,000 claim for refund of her 2013 taxes.
a. How much of the $ 16,000 will Mimi rightfully recover?
b. How would your analysis differ if Mimi had secured from the IRS an automatic six-month extension of time for filing her 2013 return?

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