M&M plain candies have a mean weight of 0.8565 g and a standard deviation of 0.0518 g (based on Data Set 20 in Appendix B). The M&M candies used in Data Set 20 came from a package containing 465 candies, and the package label stated that the net weight is 396.9 g. (If every package has 465 candies, the mean weight of the candies must exceed 396.9>465 = 0.8535 g for the net contents to weigh at least 396.9 g.)
a. If 1 M&M plain candy is randomly selected, find the probability that it weighs more than 0.8535 g.
b. If 465 M&M plain candies are randomly selected, find the probability that their mean weight is at least 0.8535 g.

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