Question: Mohammad Salim bought a convenience store and gas station He

Mohammad Salim bought a convenience store and gas station. He made some improvements to the property and then offered it for sale. Talat Solaiman and Sabina Chowdhury approached Salim about buying the property in December 2006. After negotiating a purchase price of $ 975,000, the parties signed a handwritten document memorializing the terms of the agreement and on December 26, signed a more for-mal, typewritten “ Purchase and Sale Agreement” prepared by Solaiman and Chowdhury.
1. Why was Salim arguing that the contract should be deemed enforceable when he was being sued for breach of contract?
2. What might Salim have done to ensure that the sales contract would be enforceable?
3. Why does the Statute of Frauds require that a contract for a sale of land include a sufficiently definite description of the property?
4. If the contract had contained a sufficient description of the property, would the court likely have forced Solaiman and Chowdhury to go through with the purchase? Explain.

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