Question: Mohave Corp is considering eliminating a product from its Sand

Mohave Corp. is considering eliminating a product from its Sand Trap line of beach umbrellas. This collection is aimed at people who spend time on the beach or have an outdoor patio near the beach. Two products, the Indigo and Verde umbrellas, have impressive sales. However, sales for the Azul model have been dismal.
Mohave’s information related to the Sand Trap line is shown below.

Mohave has determined that eliminating the Azul model would cause sales of the Indigo and
Verde models to increase by 10 percent and 15 percent, respectively. Variable costs for these two models would increase proportionately. Although the direct fixed costs could be eliminated, the common fixed costs are unavoidable. The common fixed costs would be redistributed to the remaining two products.

1. Will Mohave’s net operating income increase or decrease if the Azul model is eliminated? By how much?
2. Should Mohave drop the Azul model?
3. Suppose that Mohave had no direct fixed overhead in its production information and the entire $51,000 of fixed cost was common fixed cost. Would your recommendation to Mohave change? Why or whynot?

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