Monster Cookie Company is located in Denmark. It is a relatively new company and so far has sold its products only in its home country. In December, Monster determined that it had excess capacity to produce more of its special Halloween cookies. It is trying to decide whether to use that capacity to ship a batch of cookies overseas. The marketing department has determined that the United States and Great Britain are the two most viable markets. Monster has enough excess capacity to produce only one batch, which can be shipped to either country. The materials and labor cost to produce the batch amount to 9,000 kroner. The marketing department, which located a U.S. shipping company that could deliver to either location, also provided the following information:

a. If Monster exports the batch to the United States, what is its estimated profit/loss in Danish kroner?
b. If Monster exports the batch to Great Britain, what is its estimated profit/loss in Danish kroner?
c. If the British pound has exhibited rather large fluctuations relative to the Danish krone recently, how might this impact Monster’s decision as to which country to shipto?

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