Question: Moose Utilities Ltd MUL borrowed 40 000 000 in U S funds on

Moose Utilities Ltd. (MUL) borrowed $40,000,000 in U.S. funds on January 1, Year 1, at an annual interest rate of 12%. The loan is due on December 31, Year 4, and interest is paid annually on December 31. The Canadian exchange rates for U.S. dollars over the life of the loan were as follows:
January 1, Year 1 CDN$1.159
December 31, Year 1 CDN$1.168
December 31, Year 2 CDN$1.160
December 31, Year 3 CDN$1.152
December 31, Year 4 CDN$1.155
Exchange rates changed evenly throughout the year.
(a) Prepare journal entries for MUL for Year 1.
(b) Calculate the exchange gains or losses that would be reported in the profit of the company each year over the life of the loan.

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