Question: Morton O Dell is the owner of Mort s Diner which is

Morton O’Dell is the owner of Mort’s Diner, which is located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Mort’s opened up about 12 months ago, and it has experienced success, but Mort is always worried about what food items to order as inventory on a weekly basis. Mort’s daughter, Mary, is an engineering student at Georgia Tech, and she offers to help her father. She asks him to provide sales data for the past 10 weeks in terms of pounds of food bought by customers. With some difficulty, Mort comes up with the following list.
Mary uses these sales figures to construct scatter diagrams that illustrate the basic relationships among the various types of food items purchased at Mort’s Diner over the past 10 weeks. She tells her father that the diagrams provide some help in his weekly inventory ordering problem. Construct Mary’s scatter diagrams with your SPSS to indicate what assistance they are to Mort. Perform the appropriate associate analysis with SPSS and interpret your findings.

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