Question: Most adult Americans drive But do you have any idea

Most adult Americans drive. But do you have any idea how many licensed drivers there are in each U.S. state? The table here lists the number of male and female drivers licensed in each of 15 randomly selected U.S. states during 2007.
a. Do you expect to find a linear (straight-line) relationship between number of male and number of female licensed drivers per state? How strong do you anticipate this relationship to be? Describe.
b. Construct a scatter diagram using x for the number of male drivers and y for the number of female drivers.
c. Compare the scatter diagram to your expectations in part a. How did you do? Explain.
d. Are there data points that look like they are separate from the pattern created by the rest of ordered pairs? If they were removed from the dataset, would the results change? What caused these point(s) to be separate from the others, but yet still be part of the extended pattern? Explain.
e. Use the dataset for all 51 states to construct a scatter diagram. Compare the pattern of the sample of 15 to the pattern shown by all 51. Describe in detail.
f. Did the sample provide enough information for you to understand the relationship between the two variables in this situation? Explain.

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