Most DBMS packages contain data definition data manipulation and data
Most DBMS packages contain data definition, data manipulation, and data query languages. For each of the following, indicate which language would be used and why.
a. A database administrator defines the logical structure of the database.
b. The controller requests a cost accounting report containing a list of all employees being paid for more than 10 hours of overtime in a given week.
c. A programmer develops a program to update the fixed-assets records stored in the database.
d. The human resources manager requests a report noting all employees who are retiring within 5 years.
e. The inventory serial number field is extended in the inventory records to allow for recognition of additional inventory items with serial numbers containing more than 10 digits.
f. A user develops a program to print out all purchases made during the past 2 weeks.
g. An additional field is added to the fixed-asset records to record the estimated salvage value of each asset.

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