Most golfers are probably happy to play 18 holes of
Most golfers are probably happy to play 18 holes of golf whenever they get a chance to play. Ben Winter, a club professional, played 306 holes in 1 day at a charity golf marathon in Stevens, Pennsylvania. A nationwide survey conducted by Golf magazine over the Internet revealed the following frequency distribution of the most number of holes ever played by the respondents in 1 day:
Suppose one of your local public golf courses asked 200 golfers who teed off to answer the same question. The following table summarizes their responses:
Does the distribution of largest number of holes played by “marathon golfers” at your public course differ from the distribution compiled by Golf magazine using responses polled on the Internet? Test at the 0.01 level of significance.
a. Solve using the p-value approach.
b. Solve using the classical approach.
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