Question: Most organizations do not have a single centralized system that

Most organizations do not have a single, centralized system that shares data across all transaction processes. Instead, organizations tend to have different systems for different processes or different systems across business units.
This practice makes it difficult to generate organization-wide reports or to share data that is needed by multiple units. To address this problem, Warren Thornthwaite of the Kimball Group recommends creating a data governance function to facilitate and maintain an enterprise-wide database. The data governance function would also ensure that common rules are used throughout the organization to enter data into the database.

A. Describe how an enterprise-wide database might be used in an organization’s (1) diagnostic control systems and (2) interactive control systems.
B. Why is it useful for common rules to be used throughout an organization to enter data into an enterprise-wide database? How does this practice improve the quality of information in a diagnostic or interactive control system?

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