Question: Most subsidiaries are wholly owned although only majority ownership is

Most subsidiaries are wholly owned, although only majority ownership is usually all that is required for consolidation. The parent's ownership may be direct or indirect. Frequently, a parent's direct subsidiaries have subsidiaries of their own, thus providing the parent with indirect ownership of the subsidiary's subsidiaries.

International Lease Finance Corporation is a very large leasing company. It leases equipment that everyone is familiar with and many have used.
(1) Specifically, what is the principal business of International Lease Finance Corporation?
(2) Who are the direct owners of International Lease?
(3) In what city is International Lease headquartered?
(4) In what state is International Lease incorporated?
(5) Where is International Lease's common stock traded?
(6) What company is the parent in the consolidated financial statements in which International Lease is included, and what is that company's principal business?

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