Mr and Mrs Greg Jun called your firm Hillison
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Jun called your firm, Hillison & Reimer, in response to a brochure they received from Greg’s elderly mother. The Juns reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while Greg’s mother has retired to Tallahassee, Florida. In recent months, the Juns have become very concerned about Greg’s mother and her ability to care for herself. On a number of occasions, Greg has received calls from his mother’s friends expressing concern that she has not been eating properly and is not regularly taking her medicine for a heart condition.

a. Describe the PrimePlus service to the Juns, including the types of services that can be offered.
b. Because the Juns’ concerns do not relate to areas of your expertise as a CPA, explain to them how you will be able to provide assurance on the care providers.

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