Question: Mr Gulash lived in Shelton Connecticut He wanted an aboveground

Mr. Gulash lived in Shelton, Connecticut. He wanted an aboveground swimming pool installed in his backyard. Gulash contacted Sty-larama, Inc. (Stylarama), a company specializing in the sale and construction of pools. The two parties entered into a contract that called for Stylarama to “furnish all labor and materials to construct a Wavecrest brand pool, and furnish and install a pool with vinyl liners.” The total cost for materials and labor was $ 3,690. There was no breakdown in the contract of costs between labor and materials. After the pool was installed, its sides be-gan bowing out, the four- inch wooden supports for the pool rotted and misaligned, and the entire pool became tilted. Gulash brought suit, alleging that Stylarama had violated several provisions of Article 2 of the UCC. Is this transaction one involving goods, making it subject to Article 2? Gulash v. Stylarama, 33 Conn. Supp. 108, 364 A. 2d 1221, 1975 Conn. Super. Lexis 209 (Superior Court of Connecticut)

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