Question: Multiple choice Please refer to the case in Problem 12

Multiple choice.
Please refer to the case in Problem 12 as you respond to these questions.
1. In a systems flowchart, which of the following is most likely to be depicted with a predefined process symbol?
a. Browse catalog
b. Make bank deposit
c. E-mail client
d. None of the above.
2. A Level Zero DFD showing Bonnie’s interaction with her bank is likely to have how many circles?
a. One
b. Two or three
c. Four or five
d. More than five
3. At what point will Bonnie make a journal entry that debits accounts receivable and credits sales?
a. When the order is transmitted
b. When the goods are shipped
c. When the cash is deposited
d. None of the above.
4. Which of the following internal controls should Bonnie implement in the first step of the sales/collection process?
a. Data encryption
b. Separation of duties
c. Lockbox system
d. Bank reconciliation
5. All of the following are likely to be tables in Bonnie’s relational database except:
a. Customer.
b. Inventory.
c. Employee.
d. Order/inventory.

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