Question: Multiple choice questions 1 A company that reproduces fine works

Multiple choice questions.
1. A company that reproduces fine works of art, such as the Mona Lisa, would most likely use what kind of production process?
a. Hybrid
b. Conversion
c. Job
d. Process
2. A journal entry in a company’s accounting information system debited retained earnings.
The purpose of the journal entry is most likely
a. To record the declaration of a cash dividend.
b. To account for the sale of finished goods inventory.
c. To apply manufacturing overhead.
d. To account for an employee leasing arrangement.
3. TRN Corporation produces a product that is highly perishable. Which of the following internal controls is the best alternative for controlling the risk of product spoilage?
a. Separation of duties
b. Adequate documentation
c. Employee training
d. Specialized storage containers
4. In a DFD of the human resources business process, “evaluate employees” would be represented with a
a. Line.
b. Circle.
c. Rectangle.
d. Triangle.
5. RKH Corporation maintains its job costing system using a relational database. Which of the following pieces of information would not be stored in a table in their system?
a. Total cost of Job A244
b. Manufacturing employee names
c. Department affiliations of each employee
d. Location of manufacturing equipment

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