Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 According to estimates from the U S

Multiple Choice Questions
1. According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), what percentage of bankruptcy cases involves fraud?
a. 1 percent.
b. 5 percent.
d. 10 percent.
d. 15 percent.

2. Which of the following is technically not bankruptcy fraud?
a. Concealing property from bankruptcy proceedings.
b. Making a false oath or account in relation to a bankruptcy case.
c. Making a false proof of claim.
d. None of these.

3. Receiving a material amount of property from the debtor with intent to defeat the Bankruptcy Code would be subject to a maximum penalty of a fine plus how much time in prison?
a. 1 year.
b. 5 years.
c. 10 years.
d. 20 years.

4. Falsifying documents in a bankruptcy proceeding could lead to a maximum prison sentence of how much time?
a. 1 year.
b. 5 years.
c. 10 years.
d. 20 years.

5. Which of these is the most common type of bankruptcy fraud?
a. Concealment of assets.
b. Fraudulent transfers of assets.
c. Fraudulent claims.
d. None of these.

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