Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 Confirmations are a Always a reliable

Multiple Choice Questions:
1. Confirmations are:
a. Always a reliable source of evidence.
b. A process used to determine an understatement of liabilities.
c. A good indicator of fraud if the recipient does not respond.
d. All of the above.

2. The net worth method can be used as:
a. A direct form of evidence.
b. An indirect form of evidence.
c. Conclusive evidence that embezzlement has taken place.
d. An indication that collusion between employees has occurred.

3. Alterations of documents are usually classified as:
a. Changes.
b. Additions.
c. Deletions.
d. Both b and c.

4. Which of the following issues with documents would not normally be considered as a possible indicator of fraud?
a. Duplicate payments.
b. Photocopied documents.
c. Unrecognized handwriting.
d. All of the above could normally be taken as a possible indicator of fraud.

5. Questioned documents are documents that are contested for what reason?
a. They exhibit one of the document-related indicators of fraud.
b. They are declared fraudulent by a document examiner.
c. They are questioned by an auditor.
d. None of the above.

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