Multiple choice questions 1 How many base units are there in
Multiple choice questions
1. How many base units are there in the SI:
(a) 3,
(b) 5,
(c) 7,
(d) 9?
2. The only SI standard represented by material standard or artifact is the
(a) Meter,
(b) Kilogram,
(c) Second,
(d) Electric charge.
3. Which of the following is the SI base unit for mass:
(a) Pound,
(b) Gram,
(c) Kilogram,
(d) Ton?
4. Which of the following is not related to a volume of water:
(a) Kilogram,
(b) Pound,
(c) Gram,
(d) Tonne?
5. The prefix giga-means
(a) 10–9,
(b) 109,
(c) 10–6,
(d) 106.
6. The prefix micro- means
(a) 106,
(b) 10–6,,
(c) 103,
(d) 10-3.
7. Anew technology is concerned with objects the size of what metric prefix:
(a) Nano-,
(b) Micro-,
(c) Mega-,
(d) Giga-?
8. Which of the following has the greatest volume:
(a) 1 L,
(b) 1 qt,
(c) 2000 μL,
(d) 2000 mL?
9. Which of the following metric prefixes is the smallest:
(a) Micro-,
(b) Centi-,
(c) Nano-,
(d) milli-?
10. Both sides of an equation are equal in
(a) Numerical value,
(b) Units,
(c) Dimensions,
(d) all of the preceding.
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