Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 In LCN which way does money

Multiple Choice Questions:
1. In LCN, which way does money flow?
a. Upward.
b. Downward.
c. Laterally.
d. All of these.

2. Which of the following crimes is not normally associated with Russian organized crime?
a. Health care fraud.
b. Auto insurance fraud.
c. Drug trafficking.
d. All of these are normally associated with Russian organized crime.

3. Which of these is another name for Islamic law?
a. Qur'an.
b. Jihad.
c. Sharia.
d. None of these.

4. To which of these can the rise of Islamic terrorism in recent decades be traced?
a. The war in Chechnya.
b. The war in Afghanistan.
c. The war in Algeria.
d. None of these.

5. How do radical jihadists normally begin recruiting new terrorists?
a. In small groups.
b. One on one.
c. In large groups.
d. In the streets.

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