Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 Stakeholder analysis should allow a company

Multiple Choice Questions
1. Stakeholder analysis should allow a company the opportunity to assess which of the following responsibilities to external stakeholders?
a. Ethical
b. Social
c. Economic
d. All of the above responsibilities should be assessed.

2. External stakeholders likely include all but which of the following?
a. Customers
b. Government agencies
c. Management
d. Investors

3. The three types of codes of ethics used by organizations do not include:
a. Statements of intent
b. Corporate philosophy statements
c. Codes of conduct
d. Mission statements

4. An organization’s response to ethics violations should include/be:
a. Timely
b. Sanctions that are fair
c. A thorough investigation
d. All of the above

5. Which of the following statements regarding fraud is not true?
a. Fraud requires knowledge and intent on the part of the perpetrator.
b. Management fraud is very easy to detect.
c. Fraud is often perpetrated by individuals who do not have a criminal background.
d. Employees often engage in fraudulent activity as a result of situational pressures, opportunities to do so, and personal characteristics.

6. Which of the following parties is most likely to perpetrate fraudulent financial reporting?
a. Manufacturing employees
b. Members of management
c. Both a and b
d. Neither a nor b

7. Which of the following characteristics does not describe a possible situational pressure or incentive that increases the likelihood of fraud?
a. Greed
b. Fear of an impending job loss
c. Inadequate recognition for accomplishments
d. All of the above describe situational pressures or incentives.

8. The three forces that typically contribute to fraudulent behavior include all but which of the following?
a. Incentives
b. Psychological deficiencies
c. Attitudes
d. Opportunities

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