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Multiple choice questions.
1. The Web site is an example of which form of e-business?
a. B2C
b. G2C
c. G2B
d. C2C
2. WebTrust and SysTrust are forms of:
a. Internal control.
b. E-business.
c. Systems documentation.
d. Transaction processing software.
3. In February 2011, Pfizer Inc. authorized a $5 billion program to repurchase shares of its own common stock from investors. Which ERP system module is most likely to be involved in the transactions?
a. Customer relationship management
b. Financial management
c. Supply chain management
d. Human resource management
4. Which of the following can cause problems in ERP system implementation, internal control design, and enterprise risk management?
a. Lack of strong positive signals from top management
b. Assuming staff understand project goals and purposes
c. Both a and b
d. Neither a nor b
5. Which of the following is included in a SAS 70 Type II report, but is optional in a SAS 70
Type I report?
a. Independent service auditor’s report
b. Service organization’s description of controls
c. Information provided by the independent service auditor
d. Other information provided by the service organization

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